We thrive on solving problems. State Tool & Manufacturing brings together talented people, depth of research, a broad set of core competencies, and diverse market experiences. From concept to delivery, we are your complete solution provider.

Since 1955, State Tool’s reputation for quality, responsiveness and value has made it an integral partner to OEM customers who manufacturer appliances, recreational vehicles, signs and sign illumination systems, indoor/outdoor gas ranges, indoor/outdoor lighting, vending machines and many other products.

We offer an extensive line of standard components and are happy to customize them to meet your specific needs. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver quality products in both large and small volumes to meet your production requirements.

These manufacturing capabilities include custom Metal Stampings (small & large), Injection and Compression Moldings, Wire Cutting, Terminal & Connector Applications, Tooling, 3D CAD Database, Prototyping, Lab Testing and Custom Sub-Assemblies.

wobbleWe offer efficient quality manufacturing processes, technical design experience and on time delivery of products and services and are proud to say that all of our finished products are “Made In The U.S.A.”

Awards & Memberships

  • Outstanding Quality Award
  • Partners in Progress Award
  • Consistently Meeting Quality & Delivery Award
  • Highest Supplier Proficiency
  • Michigan Manufactures Association
  • Michigan Chamber of Commerce
  • Cornerstone Alliance
  • Industry Net
  • Appliance Magazine
  • Dunn & Brad Street
  • Thomas Registry/Thomas Net